Cyber Security

5 Crucial Steps to Secure Your System

5 Crucial Steps to Secure Your System

There is a plethora of virus types, in addition to security flaws, as well as plain old negligence, that is capable of making your system vulnerable to cyberattacks.   Despite that, Windows 10/11 are still amongst the most secure operating systems you can use today. But, when it comes to security,


: AI-Powered Cloud Contact Center Solution

Improving Customer Service with AI-Powered Cloud Contact Center Solutions

Cloud-based call center solutions are designed to enhance businesses’ communication capabilities by offering advanced and innovative text and voice capabilities. These solutions are hosted on the cloud and assist businesses in reaching business objectives.   These solutions are highly flexible and can effortlessly adapt to changing customer needs. With these solutions,


Website Accessibility Testing

10 Common Mistakes in Website Accessibility Testing for Healthcare and How to Avoid Them 

Consider this, consumer companies with inaccessible websites lose an estimated $6.9 billion each year Why? Because frustrated disabled customers take their business elsewhere, usually to competitors.   Timely website accessibility testing can help ensure your website is usable by people with disabilities. This includes individuals with visual, auditory, motor, and cognitive

Mobile Tech

How MLS Integration Can Benefit Real Estate Mobile App

Technology has turned out to be an essential factor in organizations’ quest to survive in competitive markets. Looking at the real estate industry, one of the most influential technologies is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). It asserts itself as a tool that is useful primarily in real estate mobile apps,