How Much Will It Cost to Create a Ride-Sharing App Like BlaBlaCar

Ride-sharing, also known as carpooling, has become a popular or top choice for rapid and affordable transportation. Ride-sharing apps are flourishing in the market due to the growing demand for taxi or cab services. The result is the online transportation industry has opened extensive doors. Therefore, the global ridesharing market is growing very nimble. The top business giants are – Ola, Uber, BlaBlaCar, Careem, etc. Many people thinks that creating a car pooling app is very costly and many people wants to know how much will it cost to create a Ride-Sharing app Like BlaBlaCar.

Carpooling apps have changed the way of traveling for people from one place to another. Technology has transformed the lives of people. Because now people can book a cab without going outside anywhere and anytime. We live in a technological and mobile-driven environment, we don’t need to go anywhere, and the smartphone is enough to complete tasks with a few clicks like taxi/cab booking.  

Do you wish to start a ride-sharing/carpooling business? If so, then you would be required to enter the market with your ridesharing app like Blablacar. You are wondering how much it costs to develop a Blablacar clone app

We came up with this detailed guide. This article will shed light on “How Much Will It Cost to Create a Ride-Sharing App Like BlaBlaCar and other taxi apps”. So, without any further delay, let’s get started. 

 What is a Ride-Sharing App? 

Carpooling is the process whereby the driver proceeds to pick up the passengers and operate along the same route. This process happens when the fuel cost is paid on a shared premise.  

However, a ride can be accepted as carpooling under many conditions: 

  • The passengers are unable to use the on-demand service from the vehicle owner. It represents that in any case, the individual will go to the aimed destination, anyhow whether any rider shares the vehicle or not. 
  • The car owner doesn’t make extra money through ride-sharing, they at least save on fuel expenses. 
  • As the ridesharing users, they have to share the general cost. 

In short, the carpooling app creates a ride with a group of individuals who are on a similar route. Concurrently, the car owner spares fuel and the passenger’s spare travel costs. 

BlaBlaCar – A Quick Overview 

BlaBlaCar is a leading ridesharing app-based travel network in Europe and Asia. It was founded in 2006 and is popular across the world for providing skilled carpooling services. This is work on a commission basis where it offers a platform for the passengers and the drivers to connect.  

It means the BlaBlaCar itself does not have any own vehicle, it is a broker and receives a commission (between 18% and 21%) from every booking. This platform allows 100 million people to share the ride across 21 countries. It’s a free ride-sharing platform and hybrid mobile app that works on both platforms Android and iOS. 

The supreme vision behind developing such a useful taxi-sharing app platform was to resolve their daily commuting issues.  

App Metrics: 

  • Have 25 million Users.  
  • Used in 21 countries (Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, The Netherlands, and more) 
  • It has 50+ Million Downloads on the Android Platform.  

How Does the Carpooling App Work? 

Before knowing the development cost of the BlaBlacar clone app it’s required to understand how such an app works.  

The below steps show the working flow of the carpooling app: 

1. Placing a Ride Request 

The users search for the available rides for their designated route. After that, they place the request to book a sharing cab. 

2. Accept Ride Booking Request 

The drivers accept or reject the ride request as per their availability. If the ride is accepted, the driver reaches the location on the scheduled date and time. If the ride is not accepted, it is passed to another driver.  

3. Payment  

Once the ride is finished, the passengers are required to pay for the trip in cash or through integrated wallets, cards, or other ways. 

4. Reviews & Ratings 

After that, both passengers and drivers can provide ratings and reviews based on their trip experience. 

Steps To Develop BlaBlaCar Clone App 

The Ride-sharing app development holds supreme significance. Because it helps to understand all the involved steps while creating an on-demand app. In this segment of the app development process, you will get the intuition on how to build a BlaBlaCar clone app. Let’s explore: 

Step 1: Research & Niche Selection 

In this step we need to do core research to learn about competitors, users’ preferences, potential target market, and the behaviour of the audiences. After this phase, you can enter in the app design step.  

Step 2: Designing App 

Design your app to consider users’ points of view like user-friendly, seamless, and functional. The app should be responsive and interactive. 

Step 3: App Development 

In this phase, required to finalize the tech stack, the codes are developed, and various advanced technologies are used to make the application unique and responsive. 

Step 4: Application Testing 

After finishing the development process and before the final launch, the app needs to be tested. It considers the trial period where the testers use the app, check the app, and see if it is completely error-free and bug-free or not. After passing all the tests, then only it can be launched. 

Step 5: Launch of the App 

The most crucial step of app development where an app is ready to launch and be used by the users. Launch your app on a dedicated platform and continue checking the customer reviews. If I find any issues in it working, then I need to fix them on an urgent basis. 

Cost to Develop a Ride-Sharing App Like the BlaBlaCar 

When it comes to the cost of the app, development depends on several factors such as the platform you chose, features, the complexity of the app, and the developer’s location. 

It is crucial to give the exact cost of a carpooling app like BlaBlacar. But if you want to derive the exact taxi app development cost there is a formula: 

Developer cost per hour * Development time = Total cost of the product 

The typical cost to develop a BlaBlaCar app can range from $20,000 to $40,000 or higher, depending on the complexity of the project. 

For a precise estimate, it’s best to consult with a specialist in an on-demand taxi app development company

Conclusion: How Much Will It Cost to Create a Ride-Sharing App Like BlaBlaCar

In recent years, there has been a massive demand for carpooling services due to air pollution and expensive rides.  Most people prefer to share taxis for long-distance journeys so that it becomes easy on their pocket as well as they can travel with comfort. Several entrepreneurs are seeking an opportunity out of this growing demand. They are looking forward to building an on-demand carpooling app that can offer taxi-sharing services to the masses.  

Hope this article will help you understand various aspects related to ridesharing app development costs with development steps. To read more informative article like this visit Techymess today!

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